Mstislav Galitzine

Mstislav Galitzine, Count Osterman (21 January 189928 February 1966), was a Russian prince. Mstislav Galitzine was born in Kyiv as the son of Alexander Mstislavovich Golitsyn and Anastasia Aleksandrovna Komovskaya.[1]

Mstislav Alexandrovich studied mathematics, engineering, economics, and was fond of politics. He joined Alexander Kolchak after the October Revolution and it isn’t clear he completed his education at the Page Corps. From Siberia, he fled to Harbin (China) and from there to Paris, where he founded an anti-Bolshevik club. He became a member of the monarchist party “Action Française“. He was friendly with the author Dmitry Merezhkovsky, his wife, the poet Zinaida Gippius and Ivan Lebedeff.

On 22 September 1925, he married the California mystic, author and heiress Aimee Crocker. She was 61 and it was her fifth marriage. She offered him $250 a month if he would marry her in exchange for the right to call herself a princess.[2] Two years later they divorced. He was forced to pay all the court costs of the suit.

Galitzine got married again in Neuilly-Plaisance to Clarisse Biot of Vieuxville.[2] He gave lectures on psychology, esotericism, astronomy, and dream interpretation. During World War II Galitzine lived in St. Jean de Luz a seaside resort near the Pyrenees, but died in Paris.


His only daughter Maria died without offspring. His brother Leo Alexandrovich Galitzine (1904–1969), who used to live at Great Bear Lake became the last member of the family to bear the Osterman surname. He appeared in several movies but not as an actor.